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With all of life’s stresses and strains, it can be easy to feel like you’re fighting against the current. It’s only when we’re adrift that we realize just how far from shore we are. To get back on solid ground takes perseverance and a little bit of guidance. We’re here to offer you the life vest you’re looking for—something to help you keep your head above the water and find your way back to shore.

All of our free inspirational classes are designed to promote self-empowerment and growth. Whether you’re struggling to get past a detrimental moment in your life or dealing with disappointment, we’re here for you. Our classes get to the core of your thoughts, feelings and actions, helping you understand what you need to do to overcome your situation and strengthen your resolve.

FREE lessons in self-empowerment

Personal growth should be additive, not deconstructive. That’s why our inspirational classes are completely free! It costs you nothing to participate—all you need is the resolve to see them through from start to finish. You must be willing to take up the challenge of becoming a better person, and teach yourself to follow through on your self-improvement.

We provide you with everything you need to tackle your situation—including the support of a growing community of people just like you. We invite you to take up the challenge, join a class and push yourself to become better tomorrow than you are today. You can do it; we can help!

Our free inspirational classes

No matter what you’re struggling with, we have a free course designed to help you face and overcome it. Best of all, we’re always adding new classes! Check out our current list of inspirational courses:

  • Happiness Challenge: Learn the meaning of true happiness and how to find it in your everyday life. This course will make you re-think the way you look at your life and encourage you to find positivity in the little things, giving you new perspective on what it means to be truly content.
  • Forgiveness Challenge: Everyone feels wronged at some point in their life. When it happens to you, you’ll need to discover your capacity for forgiveness. But forgiveness isn’t easy! This class will help you understand what it means to truly forgive someone, and to move past wrongdoing to find it in your heart to live and let live.
  • Dealing with Disappointment: Has your life felt like a series of disappointments lately? If you’re feeling down and aren’t sure how to get things working in your favor again, our Dealing with Disappointment class can help you find positivity. Let us teach you how to weather the negatives and find small victories even when things seem bad.

Remember, our classes are completely free! You pay nothing, and you’ll learn how to empower yourself no matter what your circumstances! Sign up today and put yourself on the path to fulfillment and happiness!

Class Snippets (3)

How to find happiness (happiness challenge)

How do you find happiness when the situation seems to be all doom and gloom? This free class will teach you! Over the course of 30 days, you’ll dive into exactly what happiness is, where to find it, how to harness it and how to embrace happiness in your everyday life. The challenge is structured to continually build on the concept of finding and embracing true happiness—from learning where to look for it, to appreciating the happiness that exists in your life.

We encourage everyone to sign up for the Happiness Challenge—even if you’re already a generally happy person! It’s an eye-opening experience to learn just how much positivity exists in the world around you, and it’s a healthy way to renew your appreciation for the things you have. Remember, it’s totally free! All you need to join is the will to be happy and the desire to embrace true happiness in your life.

Forgiveness challenge

When someone wrongs you, you might feel tempted to harbor anger or seek revenge. This is a self-destructive habit—one that’ll only lead to further hurt and despair. Instead, you need to recognize your capacity for forgiveness. It may seem hard, but letting bygones be bygones and choosing positivity instead of negativity is the secret to living a more fulfilled life. Learning how to forgive is at the core of this free class, and it’s an important lesson every person needs to learn.

This class is designed to educate people about forgiveness, helping you understand not only how to forgive people, but why you should forgive them. It’s as much an introspective experience as an instructional one! We’ll provide you with 30 days of materials that you can use to understand forgiveness from all perspectives. Even if you’re not currently harboring resentment for anyone, this is a powerful, inspirational class worth taking.

Dealing with disappointment

Someone else is going to get that job. Your crush might not like you back. Your family may not support your decision. Whatever it is, you’re going to be disappointed at some point in your life. It can be disheartening. You need a way to overcome your disappointment and get your life moving forward again. This free inspirational class can help! It’s designed to help you see disappointment not as a setback, but as a challenge—something for you to overcome and persevere through.

This class is designed to show you that disappointment is only temporary, and will only affect you as long as you let it. If you learn to recognize disappointment as an opportunity, you reframe your outlook into something positive, instead of negative. We’ll teach you what it means to harness your disappointment into fuel that propels you to your next success!