Free Dealing with Disappointment Class: Turn Defeat Into Success

Disappointment is something you encounter each and every day

You’re going to be disappointed at some point in your life.

  • Someone else is going to get that job
  • Your crush might not like you back
  • A long relationship is ending
  • Your family may not support your decisions
  • A new venture fails

It can be disheartening, but you need a way to overcome your disappointment and get your life moving forward again.

This free inspirational class can help! It’s designed to help you see disappointment not as a setback, but as something for you to overcome and persevere through.

Sometimes disappointment is small—the coffee shop ran out of your favorite bagel this morning. Other times, it’s a major one—the money you were saving for vacation needs to now go towards an emergency medical bill.

Beyond Your Control

While this class is about learning to deal with disappointment, its core message is even greater. To master disappointment, you’ll learn how to adapt to a world around you that you have very little control over.

In fact, by the time you’re done with this class you won’t feel bad about not having control over things! You will be in a stronger position and and feel better about it.

The thing about disappointment is that it’s always present. You can’t control how many bagels the coffee shop stocks. You never know when an accident will drain your savings account?

The key isn’t dwelling over things or trying to prepare for them. Instead, it’s about adapting to them. This class will teach you how to do that.

Realigning Focus

Most of the disappointments we run into each day are minor inconveniences, but we let them affect us in a big way. The goal is to find ways to make your day a little better.

Often even treating yourself to a special cup of coffee, a nice chat with your friend or cuddling with your pet can help shift your thoughts.

If the small things are weighing on you, the goal is to find small things to uplift you! If bigger conflicts weigh you down, our goal is to help you find a way to turn it into a success.

Our free dealing with disappointment class will help you realize how to realign thoughts to focus on the positives and the lessons to ensure future positives.

Don’t Let Disappointment Deter You

You’re stronger than the setbacks and inconveniences life throws at you. You have the power to turn disappointments around and turn them into opportunities to be happy!

If you’re tired of disappointment ruining your day, we invite you to join our free Dealing with Disappointment class.

You will learn how to turn disappointment into positive energy. Instead of ruining your day, you’ll learn to better brush off setbacks and letdowns and turn them into something new.

Learn what it takes to deal with disappointments in our free class. Our goal is to help you overcome current disappointments and be better prepared for the next one you encounter!

Best of all, this class is completely free, open for anyone to join.