Free 30 Day Forgiveness Class: Learn How to Forgive

Do you have it in your heart to forgive someone who hurts you?

It’s easy to say yes and to say the words “I forgive you,” but do you really have the strength to truly forgive? True forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to achieve, and unfortunately, without it, you may harbor a weight for the rest of your life.

When someone wrongs you, you might feel tempted to harbor anger or seek revenge. This is a self-destructive habit—one that’ll only lead to further hurt and despair. Instead, you need to recognize your capacity for forgiveness.

It may seem hard, but letting bygones be bygones and choosing positivity instead of negativity is the secret to living a more fulfilled life. Learning how to forgive is at the core of this free class, and it’s an important lesson every person needs to learn.

What Forgiveness Is

Through our free forgiveness class, we strive to teach people how to forgive. Not just get past wrongdoing, but to actually find it in their hearts to forgive the person who wronged them.

It starts with understanding what forgiveness is, follows through to understanding inner peace, and culminates in a powerful lesson about the power of forgiveness.

You may think you know how to forgive, but will you be able to forgive:

  • A significant other who’s unfaithful and cheats on you?
  • Someone who robs you or steals from you, taking what you have?
  • Someone who assaults you or hurts you, making you feel unsafe?
  • A friend who goes behind your back to take advantage of your generosity?
  • A family member who uses you to get what they want, at a cost to you?
  • A stranger who treats you rudely or unfairly when you don’t deserve it?

These are some of the worst things that happen to us, and when they do, they weigh heavy on our hearts. Carrying that weight around hurts us—sometimes just as much as what caused it. The only way to unburden it is to forgive… and that’s something many of us can’t truly do.

How to Forgive?

In this 30-day class, you’ll learn to look deep within yourself, to find the capacity for forgiveness. It won’t be easy and you’re sure to experience a range of conflicting emotions within you.

You’re going to have to answer some very important questions:

  • How did this person hurt me with their actions?
  • Why did they choose to hurt me? What did they gain from it?
  • How does their wrongdoing continue to hurt me after the fact?
  • Is my anger, fear or confusion holding me back from recovery?
  • Am I hurting myself by harboring these negative emotions?
  • How would my life be better if I could move past this forever?

These aren’t easy questions and they don’t have easy answers. But, through our free forgiveness class, you’ll learn to face them, think deeply and answer them honestly.

By the end of the class, you’ll have the wisdom to understand by forgiveness is so important. And, you’ll have the tools you need to speak your piece and grant forgiveness, putting your struggles behind you once and for all.

This class about forgiveness is one any person can and should take. Even if you’re not harboring resentment or feeling betrayed right now, someday, it’s bound to happen to you.

Everyone deserves to learn how to find forgiveness within themselves, so they don’t have to bear the pain of a betrayal any longer than they absolutely have to.

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