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“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

Are you passionate about helping others? If so, we want you to write for IWGB! We accept bylined posts that will help inspire and encourage our readers. We accept many types of posts, including

  • Q&A features
  • Interviews
  • Book excerpts from the original author
  • Listicles
  • “Real life” stories of hope and encouragement
  • Combination pieces featuring any of the above

Why you Should Write for IWGB

Benefits you ask? Sure thing! Here’s a quick list detailing all the benefits of submitting a bylined post to IWGB

  1. Passion to Help. Your thoughts, advice and life tips can help someone. If you are truly passionate about a particular topic, help others by sharing your passion and knowledge!
  2. Connect with Industry Leaders. It Will Get Better is constantly striving to make strong connections with leading coaches, guides, mentors, and other industry experts. By cultivating a relationship with us by submitting your own writings, it’s very likely that these industry experts will notice you and perhaps want to hear more themselves! Or ask us to connect you!
  3. Exposure to New Readers. It Will Get Better is a quickly growing community of diverse individuals (we just launched, but join us on our growth journey too as we have big launch sequences coming up!). By writing for us, you’ll be tapping into a huge number of readers who may not otherwise be introduced to your name and what you’re passionate about.
  4. Earn Money. While we don’t pay our contributors, we do allow links to your events, products and services (as long as there is a fit). By expanding your readership with our site, you’ll see growth in your sales.
  5. Social Media Exposure. When you write for us, we will share your work with others through social media leading to even further exposure.

Topics and Style

We are open to most topics, but we are especially interested in inspirational content that is geared towards improving and empowering the lives of children and adults through articles, videos, quotes, news, events and more.

What we are most concerned with, however, is quality. It is important that any content submitted to IWGB is written by those with strong grammar skills, an understanding of IWGB’s mission, and those with an ability to write with an approachable style.

We prefer that all guest posts come to us ready, or mostly ready, to go live without being heavily edited. This way, your voice will be heard as you intend, and our staff will be able to update the site frequently and efficiently.

How to Write a Great Article

We like to leave the creative decisions up to you, our guest writers, but in general, there are a couple things we look for in posts for IWGB. First, we need an attention-grabbing headline that will make our readers want to take a look at your contribution. If they’re bored by the headline, there’s less of a chance they’ll want to read on.

Secondly, your post will need an engaging opening that will cause readers to feel like they should keep reading. Your opening should include a basic overview of your topic without giving too much away.

Thirdly, the main body of your post should be well-written, well-structured, and well-researched. Your points should be clear and easy to understand. Your take on the topic should be clear and different; you never want the readers to feel like they’ve seen it all before.

Finally, your closing should make readers want to take action. Inspire passion for your topic, and tell readers how they can take steps toward integrating your topic into their lives.

In addition, posts should be roughly 1,100 – 1,500 words long, as in-depth articles with actionable takeaways are the most helpful for our readers and will provide the most visibility for you as well. Every link used, whether it’s to an IWGB article or external site, should fit within the flow to ensure the reader doesn’t feel disrupted. Links to your own site, event or product landing page are absolutely welcome.

What to do When Your Post is Live

If your contribution is accepted, we plan to promote it via our social avenues, paid promotion (including search and Facebook ads and more as necessary), as well as relevant areas of our site. On your end, it would be great to let your email list and social media followers know too, and to engage with readers by responding to any questions or comments on your article page.

We also fully understand that you are busy and your schedule may not permit constant monitoring, but anything you can do to help engage with people that want to connect with you would be great!

Let’s Get Started

We hope that you’re excited to write for It Will Get Better; we’re excited to read your submissions! If you’re ready to submit your content, or if you’d like to take part in a Q&A, interview, or book excerpt piece, please contact us below.

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